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Introducing S-CRO SafeSend: a secure gateway for sending cryptocurrencies inspired by traditional escrow, but with all the benefits of a decentralized system - open access, unrestricted use, low fees, transparent. Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain supported.

SafeSend DApp
Welcome to S-CRO
S-CRO is a community-driven project that aims to bridge the gap between convenience and security in DeFi. The S-CRO Token powers the SafeSend DApp, our decentralized escrow solution, and will be instrumental in supporting future innovation.

Whitepaper KYC Tech Audit

The S-CRO Token features a balanced tax structure that enables the project to succeed in crypto's highly competitive environment.

Each transaction is subject to gas fees and a 10% tax (applies to buys, sells, and transfers).
Marketing 5%

Maintenance & Giveaway 3%

Dev 1%

Liquidity 1%
Q3 2022

  • Official Public Launch on Ethereum Chain with enabled trading
  • Roll-out SafeSend DApp
  • Possible formation of 2nd/Sub-Utility
  • Platform Listings (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko)
  • Outreach to Centralized Exchanges for listings
  • Massive Raffles / Giveaways
  • Certik Audit
  • Social Media Platforms Verificiation / Growth
Q4 2022

  • Community Growth Campaigns
  • Outreach to Tier One/Tier Two Centralized Exchanges for potential listing
  • Community Engagement + Giveaways
  • Finalizing of 2nd/Sub-Utility
  • Initiation of Outreach to possible Corporate Partnerships to endorse product
Q1 2023

  • Project Expansion
  • Expand Outreach team
  • Partnerships with Corporate entities to endorse product

MR. DAVE CEO & Project Manager
Innovator, Tech-Leader and Engineer
Within spending the previous 7 years active in the blockchain industry and his passion and curiosity for blockchain technology, he founded SCRO to revolutionize the blockchain and the digital transaction system. His position stands as the sole founder of SCRO. Dave is KYC'd and vouched for through various platforms and communities.
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